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EcstaCBeauty products are revolutionary since they absolutely change the biggest misconception that natural and organic products don’t work. So many people believe they need to shock their skin with harsh chemicals and laboratory cocktails when Mother Nature truly provides so many amazing raw and natural ingredients that show real results.

  • EcstaCBeauty offers a wide range of skin/hair care products that are not only effective but are highly healthy for you.
  • Our claims are absolutely backed by our raving customer reviews that we have successfully generated in the past 2 years.
  • Our customer service is highly efficient to give you both pre purchase and post purchase satisfaction.
  • Use our products with proper lifestyle modifications and see the results yourself.


EcstaCBeauty was launched in 2017 because we found out about all of the toxins in conventional cosmetics. It’s true; there are more barriers because not everyone understands or accepts how toxic some of the chemicals are in conventional products and have a misconception that natural products don’t perform so well.

  • Thus, we had to make sure we use only potential natural and organic ingredients in our formulations .
  • Understanding only our amazing formulations can change the misconception through our amazing customer reviews.
  • EcstaCBeauty products perform even better and are extremely healthy to offset the prejudice.
  • We’ve created formulas that can go toe to toe with many of the priciest, most iconic beauty products on the market.

Our Story started in India in Dec, 2017

Our Founder Mrs. Snehankita Bose Bangur and Co Founder and Mr. Kaushal Bangur launched EcstaCBeauty in Dec 2017 with a goal to provide effective skin & hair care products formulated with the super beneficial natural & organic ingredients. From its grass root beginning today EcstaCBeauty has grown into a national business with satisfied and delighted customers all over India and abroad catering to their daily beauty needs. Our goal is to deliver completely Natural and Organic Beauty products which are absolutely Chemical Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan. EcstaCBeauty products contain abundance of beneficial natural and organic ingredients that makes you love the skin/hair you are in.

Our Journey

After being highly dissatisfied for a long time with the products found in the markets that cleanly lacked effectiveness, we laid the foundation of EcstaCBeauty. After an intense research, it was found that most personal care products, including baby care contained toxic ingredients that are highly harmful for skin/hair, health and definitely the environment. As we shared our thoughts with families and friends to find out more opinions on these, it became apparent that there was very little awareness about such chemicals present in products and their adverse effects. After years of research, several experiments, gathering of knowledge and going in depth into Nature, EcstaCBeauty products were formulated. The intensive research into essential oils and traditional skincare ingredients forms the foundation of our products. They are all formulated with absolutely no toxic elements or harmful chemicals preservatives.

Our philosophy is to provide maximum benefits to our consumers in the form of the purest and natural beauty products formulated with Organic, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan ingredients. Our philosophy is something we loudly and proudly talk about because our customers deserve nothing less. We make sure to be absolutely worthy of our customer’s investment that they make in EcstaCBeauty.

Unlike commercial brands that often mislead consumers about the purity of their products, our products are absolutely pure & effective, and hygienically packed in proper Cosmetic Graded Glass and Acrylic Containers. Keeping in mind the necessity of utmost hygiene. We bring you the right mix of natural and organic ingredients to nourish your skin & hair without any carcinogenic elements in it. Thus, resulting you in becoming our satisfied and delighted customer.

Our Philosophy

Customer Love & Support

Our Founder, Snehankita Bose Bangur aimed at building a Beauty Brand that is not only effective but is highly capable of providing satisfactory results. She always aimed to make EcstaCBeauty be absolutely worthy of the trust and the hard-earned money our Customer’s invest in our Beauty Brand. She believed in formulating Beauty Products that can be availed without comprising the quality. Since she believes in the principal that our customers are our greatest assets and without our customers, we are nothing. Thus, following the vision, we ensure to provide you the best beauty products which are economical and effective. Today with such amazing customer reviews and feedback we stand ahead in the beauty market. Thus, our satisfied and delighted customers are our walking advertisement. We also boast about the 24*7 before and After Sale Service that we provide to our clients at EcstaCBeauty and that makes them vouch for our Brand worldwide.

EcstaCBeauty was ground-breaking when it launched the natural and organic range of beauty products in 2017. Our approach to ingredients is extremely critical when it comes to choosing our Ecstatic Ingredients. We always love to splurge on to natural and organic ingredients in our formulation that are completely chemical free, cruelty free and vegan. We strictly say no to using allergens, irritants and ingredients in ways that could potentially harm skin/hair and environment. And as our ingredient research evolves, so do our products. All our EcstaCBeauty products are free from Paraben, Sulfates, GMO, Formaldehydes, Petro -Chemicals & Plastic, Animal Testing. Hence, resulting in happy and satisfied customers not on in India but also abroad.

Customer Faith & Trust

Our Manufacturing Unit And Ingredients

Our unique formulations are designed in our Manufacturing Unit and every ingredient that we use in our formulations has magical properties that achieve a specific result. We carefully mix our ingredients in precise quantities and make our products in small-batches to ensure maximum effective shelf-life. These rich & exotic ingredients are skillfully incorporated into our products using our precise manufacturing techniques, bringing together the delicate balance of powerful active ingredients and their magical effectiveness for our Clients. Each product is crafted with the finest produce and organic essential oils, to give you Ecstatic Experience. Our formulations are carefully created with the exotic blend of essential oils, precious seed oils, butters, carrier oils, botanical and herbal extracts, each serving as a powerful nutrient for our skin & hair. As a result, our products offer maximum cosmetic benefits upon application.

The concept of EcstaCBeauty revolves around integrity. As our products do not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulphates, they do not cause harm to environment. We source our raw materials from certified suppliers only. Most of the ingredients that we use are also organically produced. We ensure that our products are and will always remain free from toxic elements and harmful chemical. We love animals and we never test our products on animals or buy raw materials tested on animals. Our products are minimally packaged with recycled and recyclable materials. Our packaging is highly recyclable; please ensure you wash it before dropping off at your recycling Centre. We do our utmost to use only natural and organic ingredients for all products. We source only from trusted and certified suppliers.

Our Integrity

Awards & Recognitions

Our products are results of the mix of traditional beautification techniques with the modern technology. Acknowledging our endeavors, EcstaCBeauty has been awarded the prestigious Best Selling Natural & Organic Skin & Hair Care from Veteran Bollywood Star Soha Ali Khan by India Business Award and the Most Trusted Natural and Organic Beauty Brand of the Year Award from Veteran Bollywood Diva and Beauty Queen Madam Zeenat Aman at the Pragati International Service Excellence Awards 2018-2019