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Formulated with 100 % Super Beneficial Natural & Organic Ingredients this marvelous gel is a non-sticky super absorbing Gel that gets easily absorbed to your skin. It is very refreshing and purifying in nature. It helps in restoring collagen production & blood flow. It helps in detoxifying your skin and also helps in lightening pigmentation & dark spots. The antioxidant nature of this velvet gel helps to lower the signs of aging. This gel gives maximum hydration to the skin making it healthier than before. It makes dull skin glow by refreshing the skin & reducing Tanning, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Blemishes, Pigmentation, and Dark Spots & Patches. It is can also be used as Make-Up Primer and also as the best day and night skin massage gel that provides beautiful clear and spotless skin. The added rosy glow is something, that you will never get bored off. 

Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin Types 

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