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BOOST & PRIME YOUR SKIN! This extraordinary skin massage gel cum make-up primer is making our customers go completely awestruck. Formulated with amazing natural & organic ingredients like Cucumber, Licorice & Wild Turmeric Extracts along with the plethora of several other ingredients this gel helps to keep your skin detoxified. Rich in Vitamin A, B1, C this gel is highly anti-aging in nature & is effective in treating sunburn & irritated skin. It hydrates the skin completely and revitalizes the skin by reducing tanning to a great extent. This gel helps to deal with open pores by making them visibly shrunk. It also helps in treating skin breakouts and also improves the texture of your skin. It helps to enhance the skin and solve the problem of uneven skin tone. This gel helps in reducing dark circles & eye puffiness as well. Daily usage ensures giving a lease of glow and health to the dullest skin even.

Suitable for All Skin Types 

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