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It adds a layer of moisture to dry, dull and brittle hair to maintain natural hair balance. Enriched with Brahmi,Bhringraj,Amla, Yashtimadhu/Liquorice Root and many other Natural & Organic Ingredients. It stays inside the scalp and hair roots instead of evaporating and penetrates the hair more deeply which leads to soft, silky and shiny hair. It helps to reduce dandruff and hair fall by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It prevents dryness by sealing moisture in the hair which especially made for all hair types including thick, coarse, frizzy, curly hair which gets absorbed quickly and will leave your hair feeling softer and smoother.

Apply it to the roots of the hair with a cotton ball and gently massage to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. Keep for 5-6 hours or preferably overnight before washing / bath. Avoiding use of Shampoo while washing hair during the treatment period. This is preferable to ensure that residual oil stays on the scalp and roots

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