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It's easy to go a little overboard with spritzes whenever a bottle of Hair Bling from EcstaCBeauty is there in your hair care kitty. That's what makes our lightweight hair mist a perfect product to add volume and bounce to your hair. Hair Bling helps to cut frizz and makes hair manageable. It adds the perfect bling to your hair with the much-needed salon smooth finish. Most importantly it awakens your hair and adds a fresh new lease of life to your tresses. It is an alcohol, toxic and chemical-free formula that is loaded with all Natural, Organic and Vegan Ingredients like Floral Extracts, Fruits Extracts, Teas, Organic Steam Distillate, Botanical and Herbal Extracts that are free from Animal Cruelty. Being so pure it is absolutely going to be your hair’s BFF. Don’t forget to carry this Hair and Travel-friendly Bling in your Bag and spray it on your hair for a lustrous shine.

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