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 Finding a good product that helps to reduce and fight off dark spots, patches and pigmentation is no easy task: you want something effective enough to thoroughly lighten them up and at the same time clear away dead skin cells, but you don’t want something too harsh or irritating. Fortunately, we made sure our all-new EcstaCBeauty Tahitian Fine Skin Peel Polish strikes the perfect balance. This peel polish works on your skin in the gentlest and most luxurious way. A proprietary blend of Organic Granulated Cane Sugar, Organic Volcanic Sand from Tahiti, Rice Extracts, Matcha Green Tea Cedarwood Bark Oil, Safflower Oil help soothe and nourish troubled skin. Then, Hyaluronic Acid, Geranium oil and Hemp Seed oil boost hydration so skin looks plump and firm. Meanwhile, the skin is buffed and brightened with specially dried and finely blended camellia flowers. The natural camellia oil provides moisture to the skin and removes impurities while softening and removing dead skin cells. This unique peel polish is completely natural and leaves skin exquisitely refined, exfoliated and refreshed. Perfect for fighting off the dark spots, patches, and imperfections. Experience a whole new world of peeling and polishing, in which impurities and dead skin cells along with dark spots, patches and pigmentation are reduced, removed and replaced with skin-benefiting luxe ingredients.

Suitable for All Skin Types

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