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Are you tired of skin that really turns you off &  looking for Natural & Organic Skincare Products to take care of your tender troubled skin ?? Your search for the perfect skincare products ends here. Use our Tea Tree & Mint Skin Polish that contains super powerful breakout fighting ingredients like Tea Tree Oil & Mint Extracts along with more than 35 other super beneficial breakout fighting ingredients. The Tea Tree Oil from a tree native to Australia & the most powerful abilities of this Natural Ingredients has made its way in EcstaCBeauty’s Super amazing ingredients list for our magical formulations. This Skin Polish not only says goodbye to your skin ailments but also helps to reduce the future occurrences of such annoying skin breakouts like Acne, Pimples, and Rashes. This skin polish is 100 % capable of clearing up the clogged pores that lead to acne & pimples and also helps to remove the dead skin cells & sunburns. It helps to maintain a balance in your sebum secretion so that the future occurrences don’t happen further.
Suitable for Breakout Prone Skin 

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